Quick Tutorial: Add Custom Backgrounds To Your Site

With all the backgrounds and textures that I offer on my site I feel that there might be a need for a quick tutorial on how to add custom backgrounds to your site. This tutorial also applies if you’re using a website builder like 123-reg, but you will typically have to select the CSS dashboard to edit the CSS code. To start with this you will need one image. Lets start out with a large centered background image.

Google Chrome Extensions For Designers

Well I decided to leave the comfort of FireFox to try out Google Chrome for a few weeks.  There are some very important firefox add-ons that I use every day.  After digging around a while I found most of the same addons extensions that I now able to use with Chrome.  As for the results, well as usual I am not fully satisfied. Anyway here is what I have installed so far. Web Developer What it does: Adds a toolbar button with various web developer tools. The official port of the Web Developer extension for Firefox. Version 0.2 fixes a

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