DF-BlackBoot TMS theme Release

Its about time! I have been working on a few different themes at the same time and I finally have one ready for release. This theme is dark and simple. I have been building dark video site for one main reason, its easier on the eyes when watching videos. This is similar to this design I built for this site  http://maxmotorcyclevideos.com/ Theme Features: Ajax side bar tabs Custom most popular page Max video width is 580px Custom media page navigation. Price for this them is $50.00 Free theme install is included. If you are interested in buying this theme plese

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Add Images To Your TMS RSS Feed

I spent a while trying to figure this out. Well…. I finally did it! I added thumbnails to the TMS RSS feed. So if you want to add post thumbnail images to your TopMediaScript media site then download the RSS feed generator file. Download the feed generator. Instructions: 1. Back up your original file called generate_rss.php. 2. Extract the new file called generate_rss.php 3. Then upload to your server. 4. Login in the admin area. Then click Update RSS Feed. Last: View your RSS feed http://youwebsite.com/allmediafeed.xml Thats it you should now have thumbnails in your RSS feed. Enjoy!

Max Black TMS Theme

I just wanted to let you TMS users know that I am almost finished with a new theme. Its called Max Black and it will come in many different colors. I hope to have it finished in a day or two. Also something new added to TMS is

TMS Embed Video Mod

I recently built a TMS theme for a videos only site and the owner asked if it was possible to have a spot where users can grab some kind of embed code just like on YouTube. The stock version that comes with TMS lets people embed a link and a thumbnail to the post. So I went ahead and changed that to an actual embed code for videos!