Easy Black Photo Theme

I have decided to let loose some WordPress designs I have made. These are light and very easy to customize. The first theme I am offering up is called Easy Black Photo Theme. This theme is built especially for photographers that want to display their work. About this theme: Well the Easy in the theme name means that this is very easy for someone to use. All you have to do it add a new post, then type in your title and description then upload a high quality image, that’s it!! Take a look at the demo . If your

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DF-BlackBoot TMS theme Release

Its about time! I have been working on a few different themes at the same time and I finally have one ready for release. This theme is dark and simple. I have been building dark video site for one main reason, its easier on the eyes when watching videos. This is similar to this design I built for this site  http://maxmotorcyclevideos.com/ Theme Features: Ajax side bar tabs Custom most popular page Max video width is 580px Custom media page navigation. Price for this them is $50.00 Free theme install is included. If you are interested in buying this theme plese

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Max Black TMS Theme

I just wanted to let you TMS users know that I am almost finished with a new theme. Its called Max Black and it will come in many different colors. I hope to have it finished in a day or two. Also something new added to TMS is

See Through Theme Preview!

I have always loved to include transparent backgrounds to my sites. The “See Through” TMS 4 theme is all about that. I also added a cool background image rotating script to spice it up a little. That’s right, you can add more than one of your favorite web site backgrounds onto your site! I have tons of work left before I release it so stay tuned. For now you can view the screen shots. Oh yea, Happy Thanksgiving!!