Easy Black Photo Theme

I have decided to let loose some WordPress designs I have made. These are light and very easy to customize. The first theme I am offering up is called Easy Black Photo Theme. This theme is built especially for photographers that want to display their work.


About this theme:

Well the Easy in the theme name means that this is very easy for someone to use. All you have to do it add a new post, then type in your title and description then upload a high quality image, that’s it!!

Take a look at the demo .

If your interested in buying this WordPress theme, please shoot me an email.

DF-BlackBoot TMS theme Release

Its about time! I have been working on a few different themes at the same time and I finally have one ready for release. This theme is dark and simple. I have been building dark video site for one main reason, its easier on the eyes when watching videos. This is similar to this design I built for this site  http://maxmotorcyclevideos.com/

Theme Features:

  • Ajax side bar tabs
  • Custom most popular page
  • Max video width is 580px
  • Custom media page navigation.

Price for this them is $50.00

Free theme install is included.

If you are interested in buying this theme plese contact me!


PM me at gamepack’s forum

BlackBoot Theme Index
BlackBoot Theme Index
Media page screen shot
Media page screen shot

See Through Theme Preview!

I have always loved to include transparent backgrounds to my sites. The “See Through” TMS 4 theme is all about that. I also added a cool background image rotating script to spice it up a little. That’s right, you can add more than one of your favorite web site backgrounds onto your site! I have tons of work left before I release it so stay tuned. For now you can view the screen shots. Oh yea, Happy Thanksgiving!!
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