Dynamic Content Gallery Mod

I recently added the Dynamic Content Gallery WordPress Plugin to one of my friends sites. He isn’t to savvy with moving around and adding stuff to his server. So I had to add some stuff to this wonderful plugin so it would do thinks automatically. First thing I did was add this: <img src=”<?php echo $featured; ?>”/> That way I could upload the image inside WordPress and add a custom field key called featured with out having to go to the server and upload to the custom folder like the stock plugin says. Another thing I changed is the this:

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Customized Dynamic AJAX Tabs for Prototype

I found these cool AJAX Tabs for Prototype and added some of my own style to them. If you need something like this then you might want to check these tabs out,  they are slick!  These AJAX tabs where built by 20bits.com. I needed to add more style to them for the new TMS theme that I was building yesterday.  Anyway take a look at the before and after screen shots. IF you install theme why not try out my CSS located at the bottom of this post. Don’t forget to check out the Live Demo!! Install the tabs by

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TMS Embed Video Mod

I recently built a TMS theme for a videos only site and the owner asked if it was possible to have a spot where users can grab some kind of embed code just like on YouTube. The stock version that comes with TMS lets people embed a link and a thumbnail to the post. So I went ahead and changed that to an actual embed code for videos!