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High-res Grunge Paint Photoshop Brushes

Here we go again with more grunge brushes! These 7 custom Photoshop brushes are large and fun to play around with. I built these brushes as right after I made this video last week. Brush sizes range from the smallest at 1425px to the largest at 2419px.

Also I just finished some cool looking hand painted clouds, grass and one crazy looking tree. Check back in a few days because I plan on posting then as soon as  I have time. Anyway load these brushes up and start having some fun!

10 Free High-res Cloud Brushes For Photoshop CS6

I have a tone of amazing looking cloud photo just sitting in backup folders so I decided to build some brushes out of them. They turned out great! I’m not sure because I don’t have CS5 anymore but I assume that Photoshop brushes larger than 2500px wont load up in CS5 and below. Maybe I am wrong? I guess from now on I will make brushes for CS6 below. Anyway hope you all can have some fun with these brushes!!
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