How To Get Random Posts From WP Query

Yesterday I received a email asking about the images that are above the main content area. Tim wanted to know “how I get them to show up in random order”. The way that I did it is using custom WP Query so you need to be using WordPress. I am using one of my categories witch is Photography and I’m calling them in a random order. I you interested in seeing how this is done then keep reading.
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Gerber Daisy’s Grow Your Own Subjects

This year we made it a point to plant colorful plants and flowers in our yard. I found that its easier to practice photography with everything at my finger tips. One other thing you might consider is buying some bird feed. That way you can attract some birds onto your property. With the right lens you can keep your self very busy.

Thanks to my wife for planting such amazing flowers! Whats cool is I don’t have to leave home to take pictures. These Gerber Daisy are from my back yard! Just look around your place and find something that jumps out with the light and snap it. You will be surprised at all the little things you can find.

Hope some of you like these images and please if you have any photography tips for me I would love to hear back form you all!