WWII Air Planes

I was so glad I stopped by the wall today! Got to take some more pictures of the hunting WWII paintings. A while ago I posted some war pictures this is the same place but they added more. Just to be safe I made sure to snapped like 8 or 10 before the gang graffiti got to them. Seeing these huge paintings in person on a dark cloudy day gives me a eerily felling like they are going to come alive. Continue reading “WWII Air Planes”

See Through Theme Preview!

I have always loved to include transparent backgrounds to my sites. The “See Through” TMS 4 theme is all about that. I also added a cool background image rotating script to spice it up a little. That’s right, you can add more than one of your favorite web site backgrounds onto your site! I have tons of work left before I release it so stay tuned. For now you can view the screen shots. Oh yea, Happy Thanksgiving!!
Continue reading “See Through Theme Preview!”