Screen Shot Fun With Photoshop

Today I was stuck in small room for hours with just my laptop to play with.  So I decided to pop in the DVD Saving Private Ryan. As I was watching the movie I thought how cool looking some of the scene where. So I fired up Photoshop and took a few screen shots using the magic print screen button.

Using the very basic editing I came up with some really neat looking pictures.

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5 Beautiful Flash Website Designs

Designing a website in flash is something I have never done of probably never will do because I have very little flash skills.  So searching through some of my favorite sites I found a bunch of amazing designs that I wanted to share with you all. Here is a list of five very cool flash websites that I bet some of you will enjoy.

Feel free to add to this with your comments. I know there a many more and I would love to see them.


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How to build a WordPress theme, with video!

I have watch a good number of WordPress “How To” videos and this is buy far the best one I have seen. Chris Coyier the owner of spent three weeks putting together this top notch video screen cast series for everyone.  So if you really want to learn how to build your very own custom WordPress blog, you need to watch this.

CSS-Tricks is packed full of so many great video tutorals and posts that I visit this place daily!

Folks its nice guys like Chris that put the lots of time and effort in to helping people like you and me figure this stuff out.