HDR “Cat Gears”

I was at my grandpas house this past weekend and took some pictures of random farm equipment that was laying around. This is my first try at HDR with Photoshop CS3. I will post up another as soon as I have more time to do the edit.

HDR “Cat Gears”
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My Summer Goal, High Dynamic Range Photography

This summer I have a few goals,  one of them is to learn HDR photography. I love to take pictures so this will be fun.

What is HDR? High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography is the process of taking several images at different shutter speeds and combining them into a single photo that contains no washed out or underexposed areas.  The result is a surreal, almost too perfectly lit photograph that contains a high level of detail throughout the image.

Below are some pictures that blew me away when I first saw them. The seconded one is my desk top on my laptop.

My Summer Goal High Dynamic Range Photography

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