Floral Stone Site Background

Here is a another free site background that I built like 4 months ago. I just found it again and thought I should add it to the site. Unfortunately I can’t remember what brushes I used and I don’t have the PSD any more. Anyway, hope someone can find some use for it, if I happen to stumble on the PSD I will add it.

Floral Stone Site Background, size 1600X900
Floral Stone Site Background, size 1600X900

6 Replies to “Floral Stone Site Background”

  1. I love this design. It’s subtle yet has alot of little details and isn’t overpowering

  2. How can i use your free wallpaper examples? I copy the url and get your red and yellow background.

  3. hi mate
    im trying like neil to use your free website background here and i cant seem to be abale to open it up, i keep getting the red and yellow unauthorised sign come up i was wondering if maybe you could help me out id really appreciate it.
    kind regards

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