Blue Grass Glow Background

I just installed Adobe CS4 today!! I haven’t made a site background in a long time so I decided why not build one with my new CS4. The size of the image is 1400 wide by 800 tall. The content area is 960 wide. I also included the PSD so if you want to mess around with it be my guest.

Brushes used: The Grasslands

DF-Blue Grass Site Background
DF-Blue Grass Site Background, Size 753KB, Quality 100%
DF-Blue Grass Site Background, Size 162KB, Quality 71%

Download the PSD

2 Replies to “Blue Grass Glow Background”

  1. Hello,

    Is it possible if you could make me one exactly like this one but instead using the colour: #ff8000? I only ask as this would be the perfect background for my website if it was in the #ff8000.


    E Etherington
    Director, FoxSystems

  2. Hi there! Have you tryed to edit the PSD? That is the easiest way to change colors. If you can’t let me know and I will try to help ya.

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