3 Free Website Backgrounds

Here are 3 free website backgrounds that I built with PhotoShop. Just something I threw together for someone to have fun with. I used some free brushes from brusheezy.com so If you like to mess around with Photoshop brushes make sure to check them out.

Free Background \

CSS for this: background:#FFF url(blackclouds.jpg) no-repeat center top;

free background fog-night

CSS for this: background:#4b494a url(fog-night.jpg) no-repeat center top;

free background moss-black

CSS for this: background:#000 url(moss-black.jpg) no-repeat center top;

2 Replies to “3 Free Website Backgrounds”

  1. They are fackin awesome dude!! I hope you don’t mind but I’m using the second one, I’ll leave another reply once my site is up so you can see your work.

    P.s. This is a really good website too, good work! 😀

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