11 Replies to “Two Dark Wood Wallpapers”

  1. I have Windows 7(64bit)with paint.net and photoscape.I’m interested in making wallpaper.Since I am no artist and very new to computer,photoshop and paint.I love some of the backgrounds you have.How do I make my own?I have no idea what I’m doing and need to know how to get started.I tried to download grunge brushes and that did not work.My paint program is hard to understand.Nice work…I hope I will be as good as you someday.Thanks.

  2. Hi Jeannine thanks for the great compliment!

    What I would do is start with some Google searches…. like How to build a grunge background or wallpaper. There are thousands of tutorials out there.

    I use Photoshop to build wallpapers. Also the brushes on this site are only for Photoshop. Did you need help adding brushes to Photoshop?

  3. Hello, can i use the first wallpaper for my website background?
    It’s a nice background. Good work.

    Greetz! 🙂

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