Helpfull links To Get Your Week Started

Wow its Monday already? Time flies when your having fun! I think I am going to start a special post every week full of links just for Mondays. It might help motivate some of you for that long work week.

Creating a Slick Auto-Playing Featured Content Slider
Both of these examples use the Coda Slider pretty much “out of the box”. Sure the design was heavily altered to fit the job, but the actual functionality wasn’t altered in any way.

5 Amazing New WordPress 2.7 Features
Wordpress 2.7 is to be publically released in the next week, and a whole bunch of features have been packed in, looking past the obvious such as the new redesign. The new dashboard, Screen options, Plugins, Themes and Core upgrades and the media library!

Compfight – Rails Based Ajax Search for Flickr Photos
Compfight is a home brewed flickr search tool specifically for the advertising / design community. The rails based ajax search bar pulls in a flickr feed at speed so that you can quickly scour the site.

106 Delicious Water Color Illustrator Brushes
This set of brushes is a real treat! 106 awesome and completely vector water color Illustrator brushes.

10 Best Sources of Ajax/Javascript Examples and Demos
In this collection, you’ll find 10 excellent websites and blogs that provide high-quality examples and tutorials on Ajax and Javascript .