10 Amazing Photos Of Winter

Winter to some people isn’t very fun. I turn 30 this winter and every time it snows at my house I feel like a little kid again. Winter can also make for some amazing photos as you will see in this post. The very first one is my favorite!

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  4. hi

    finally, some who does HDR and understands composition!

    far too much of HDR published to the web is all about color, only one of 6 elements of design, and lack of compositional attributes adds to their lack of appeal for anyone who does serious photography

    here I see consideration given to placements of subjects, lack of mergers, balance, lines and shapes.

    keep at your composition …..your work well get even better!

  5. Great collection. Thanks a lot for sharing. I love the third from the top. But I love many more so it would be too long to comment on them all. I like the collection, gives me some ideas for more stuff of my own! Thanks for sharing. and Ihor you are right – composition is they key! Aside from light that is the most important factor!

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