Vintage Rose Wallpaper And Photoshop PSD

Today I was in the mood for some vintage looking colors so I decided to apply some Photoshop tweaks to this cool looking photo of a rose that I took a couple of weeks ago. I figured that I should include the PSD file so you Photoshop folks can have something to mess around with.


About this photo and the changes that I have made

If you are one of those that has been looking though my site you probably know by now that I love to take photos of flowers, trees and other amazing looking things that are out there in Nature. This rose is one of many different kinds of flowers that we have in our yard so I’m lucky I guess.

Pretty much anytime I see an open rose I like to cut it, smell it and take a close up shot of it so I can then zoom in and study the peddles later. It’s so relaxing.

Here are a few of the Photoshop settings that I applied to this photo.

I always work with the duplicates:
I changed the contrast and levels and blend modes.


I applied many different color changes to the image and the background. These are the settings that you can play with inside Photoshop.

I hope you all enjoy this rose desktop wallpaper. I know I do!


Vintage Rose Photo And PSD