Today I Found Some Amazing Photographs!

Its crazy how I sometimes run across such beautiful photography. Makes me wish I had the time and money to hone my skills more. So today I thought why not share some of them with you all. I just want to point out that I did not take any of these photographs. If any of you know the details about these images please post a comment below. I would love to hear the story behind them.

 photo 51.jpg

 photo Barleyfields_zps53824512.jpg

 photo bFgckGj.jpg

 photo CaSAmXM.jpg

 photo daily_picdump_1425_23.jpg

 photo e2clSOU.jpg

 photo Eacutetretat-1.jpg

 photo Eacutetretat-3.jpg

 photo HZd6U8E.jpg

My name is Jake and I'm from the Portland OR area right along the Columbia river. I'm obsessed with Photoshop, WordPress, streetbikes and of course my awesome family!

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