2 Replies to “Mossy Rocks”

  1. Hi Jake,

    My name is Jim Bowes. I grew up in Humboldt county just a little south from you. I started a company in Amsterdam called GreenGraffiti. We are rebuilding our site and are looking for some great images to use. We are a sustainable communications firm that is using natural media. You photos are beautiful and I have downloaded a view as inspiration. Though I know they are listed as freebies, I would still like to have your permission to use them if we do and wonder if you have more. More then willing to give credit where credit is due. As a fellow creative, I respect your work and don’t just want to take it.

  2. HI Jim glad you liked them! You may use them for your project. Just don’t sell or re-distribute the images as your company’s own work. I don’t need credit but it’s nice when I get it 🙂

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