Obama Or McCain, Who’s Website looks better?

Today I was looking at both candidates websites and decided to do kind of a review. Its hard to chose witch one looks better because they both look good. Well here is what I think.

McCain’s site has lots of different colors, some cool content scrollers and a pretty simple layout. I like the video content in the middle of the home page. I really like the McCain blog. I guess the high quality photos make things look a lot better.


Obama’s site looks good with mostly red white and blue colors.  I have to say that this site is a little easyer on the eyes. Again with a basic layout and some really nice image rollover effects. I also like the content scroller in the middle of the site, great way to get the message across.


I guess my “site” vote goes to McCain’s website. Only because the design appeals to my taste. Both have a little to much blue.

So what site do you like better?

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