Twenty Ten Black And White Floral Background And Header

Finally had some time to build another custom Twenty Ten background and header set! This one is a black and white with a floral design. I also included a starter PSD. So if you have Photoshop you can play around and build your self a design.

Click on each image to view the full size.


Header Image:

Background Image:

Background Directions:

Login to WordPress admin. Under appearance click background.

Upload the background and under display settings apply these settings.

Position: Center

Repeat: No Repeat

Attachment: Scroll

Color: #FFFFFF

About the starter PSD.

Make sure your design is under the light blue color. That represents the WordPress blog wrapper.

After you are done with your design just hide that light blue layer and save your background.

(Right click and save as) Twenty Ten Starter PSD

Feel free to try this out!

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  1. may I use the header image as a faded background in one of my header projects please? Note that I will sell the header. Thank you.

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