Grunge Background From The City Theme

Here is the basic version of The City theme background. I was thinking maybe someone could get some use out of it. I think this would make a great website background! Its free and for Non-commercial use only.

9 Replies to “Grunge Background From The City Theme”

  1. Man that is an awesome background. Am setting up a website for my small company. How do I contact you regarding the possibility of using for commercial use on my website as the common background?
    Again, great work!!
    Thanks and have a blessed day!

  2. Great background. What is the hex number for this gray color. I am trying to match it but no luck. thanks

  3. Hey I’m setting up a welding and fabrication shop. Like Chris I was wondering about commercial use for small/local business. I’d like to use this for the background of my business cards.

  4. Thanks! You should really download it and then use it. Sorry but tons of sites are hot linking my images, that is why your seeing that.

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