How To Make Camouflage With Photoshop

I just finished up a custom site background for whats going to be my son’s first website. He is really likes military stuff and is an avid COD Black Ops Player. So I decided to try out a cool looking camouflage background.

I’m sure there are many different ways of doing this but this is the easiest for me so I decided to share it with you.

Step 1
Create a new PSD with the size of 2500×2500.


Step 2:
Fill the layer in with #000000

Step 3

Create a new layer (Windows: Ctrl+Shift+N). You can name it if you want. Then select the new layer by left clicking on it once.

New layer

Step 4

After you have your layer selected go to the top menu then select Filter> Render> Clouds

PS clouds

You should see something like this.

Step 5

Next go to the top menu and select Image> Adjustments> Threshold


Adjust the threshold and try to make the black and white the close to the same size. I think it looks better but you can mess around with it to get the look that you like.

adjust the threshold

Step 6

After you get the look right select Layer style> Color Overlay

Pick a dark green, dark brown or a dark tan color. I picked #5a582b
Set Blend Mode

Pick a color

Step 7

After you pick your Color Overlay click the drop down and set the blend mode to Multiply.

Set Blend Mode

You should see this.

Step 8

Again select the layer that you just added the color overlay to and right click then select duplicate.

select duplicate

Next select the duplicate layer and then click layer style and change the color overlay to a lighter color like light grey or light brown etc. My choice was #b1af7a.

duplicate layer color

Step 9

After you have found the color you like for the duplicate layer go to the top menu and select Edit> Transform> Rotate 180.

Rotate 180

Then change the opacity to 35 or 40% I went with 35%.
Change the opacity

That’s it now you should now be seeing some Camouflage!

Here are some quick tips:

  • Play with the threshold setting to make the camouflage color size different.
  • Pixelate with Mosaic
  • Play with your filters
  • Experiment with different colors to achieve the type of camouflage you want.
  • Play with the opacity to change the color intensity.

Here is one example with this design as a site background. As you can see I only have the menu bar showing so you can see the rest of the design.

Hope this helps someone out!

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  1. Nice tutorial. doesnt get much easier to learn then that. now I know a cool little way of makin camo! thanks!

  2. Wow, super simple and clear. A very original way to make Camo. I threw it into Illustrator and used the image trace on one layer to create a editable vector version after applying the 180d rotation to a dup layer. Easy tweak to create a pattern tile as well. THANKS SO MUCH!

  3. Thanks a lot! A random dude on a forum asked me to make a DP for him with camouflage and I had idea how to do it. Fantastic simple tutorial. Now I finally figured out how to use the treshold function correctly. 🙂

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