How To Get The Theme Showcase To Show Child Themes

Today I threw together a quick page to show off some of the child themes I have built. I installed a plugin called WordPress Theme Showcase Plugin Built by Brad Williams. Everything worked like the plugin should but instead of showing the child theme screen shots all I would see is the stock Twenty Ten Theme screen shot.

So after digging around a little I made a small edit to the plugin and now my the plugin is showing the screen shots from my child themes. If your using this plugin and want the same result here is how I got it work.

First back up the plugin. Then find line 113 in your editor.

You should see this:
$screenshot_url = $themes[$theme_name][‘Theme Root URI’] .’/’ .$template .’/’ .$screenshot;

After my edit:
$screenshot_url = $themes[$theme_name][‘Theme Root URI’] .’/’ .$stylesheet .’/’ .$screenshot;

I changed .$template to .$stylesheet

That’s how I got the child theme screen shots to show. You can see what I am talking about by click the link below.
Twenty Ten Child Theme Demos