Red Grunge Website Background

Here is a basic grunge background. Image dimensions are 1600X800px. Took about 10mins to build, PSD included. I started with a center content area size of 960px wide. If you have PhotoShop then you can edit this to fit your needs.

The body CSS for this background:

background: #f9f9f9 url(/images/red-grunge.jpg) top center no-repeat;


PSD Download: Red-Grunge.psd

Twitter Background:


Twitter Styles:

tile background unchecked

Background color: f9f9f9

Text color: b0b0b0

Link color: a10000

Sidebar color: 400102

Sidebar border: c90000

Example Twitter Page:


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  1. Hah, I love how you say you pretty much just whipped this up in a few minutes :P. It’s excellent. Keep up the great work!

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