Easy Gallery WordPress Theme

Here is a free WordPress theme that I am releasing. Its called Easy Gallery because its easy to use! There are two plugins that you need. I included them with the theme but make sure to install the updates as they come.


Live Demo: http://designerfied.com/demo/

If you use this theme leave the info in the footer alone. If you want to remove it, email me and we can talk about it!

Anyway, after you install this theme. Make sure to add the Get The Image and Breadcrumbs folders to your plugins folder.

The go to settings then media and set you image sizes to the following.


That’s pretty much it. Now just create a new post and make sure to upload a image. The best way is to pick the image you like the most ##first##. That way it will show up in the thumbnails on your index page.

This is not tested in IE6, so good luck with that crap!

Anyway if you need help, comment or send me an email. I will try to help!

Here is the download link: Easy Gallery Theme