Todays Moon

Dang it… I wish I had a nice telescope to mount my camera to. Anyway I snapped these pictures of the moon this morning. Their not super high quality but I still like them. You can even see some impact craters!

I used my cheapish 75x300mm lens and tripod. The first one is the original. I zoomed and cropped with PhotoShop for the second one. Someone could even make a PhotoShop brush out of these. Anyway, hope you like them!



5 Replies to “Todays Moon”

  1. hi i love this moon picture ,i am an astrologer ,can i use it for my new site i want to build or has it a copy right.thanks dawn

  2. hey thank you so much dawn!!!!! u know wt? i have no digi cam so i’ve tried capturing from my mobile however it dint click well…. but some how i cudnt stop my self from getting a snap… gods grace iam here at ur site watching the diivine moon…thanku once again….i really appreciate.

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