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I recently added the Dynamic Content Gallery WordPress Plugin to one of my friends sites. He isn’t to savvy with moving around and adding stuff to his server. So I had to add some stuff to this wonderful plugin so it would do thinks automatically.

First thing I did was add this: <img src=”<?php echo $featured; ?>”/>

That way I could upload the image inside WordPress and add a custom field key called featured with out having to go to the server and upload to the custom folder like the stock plugin says.

Another thing I changed is the this: I added this to the plugin <p> php the_content_rss(”, TRUE, ”, 50); </p>

What that does is instead of having to add a custom key with text for the description in the Content Gallery now you do nothing. What you write in your post will be automatically added to the Gallery image descriptions.

So instead of this :


You have this:

I also added the Get The Image WordPress Plugin function to the Dynamic Content Gallery.

So you can ether add from the custom key ( featured)  or just upload an image in WordPress and it will show up automatically! Make sure the image dimensions are right!

If you have the Dynamic Content Gallery installed and want to try my files. Please remember that this could break your Gallery.

Remember to back up everything first!!

You might want to backup the whole folder dynamic-content-gallery-plugin

Remember to rename the file that you are going to use dynamic-gallery.php

Good luck and let me now what you think!!

2 Replies to “Dynamic Content Gallery Mod”

  1. Nice plugin tweak! 🙂

    Bear in mind that the_content_rss() doesn’t strip out [caption][/caption] shortcodes, which is the main reason why I hadn’t incorporated this in the first place. However, this is only an issue if the captioned image appears within the specified length of the “excerpt”. I have an alternative function to this, which will do the necessary shortcode stripping, and which I will be incorporating in the next release.

    Also, this article refers to an out of date version of the plugin. The current version (v3) allows users to specifiy the full URL to the image, which means the file URL can be grabbed from the Media Uploader as described above – without having to modify any code.



  2. Your right! They where using the (more) after the teaser to keep it from showing. Anyway thanks for letting me know about this and thanks for the killer plugin!!

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