10 Colored Carbon Fiber Backgrounds with PSD

I found a carbon fiber image that I use a while back for a project and decided to offer it in different colors. So if anyone needs a large size carbon fiber background check out this post. I included the PSD so you can change to any color that you want. These backgrounds are free so have fun!

Download the PSD

6 Replies to “10 Colored Carbon Fiber Backgrounds with PSD”

  1. I agree with xy – it does not look like carbon fiber at all. “… I did post them for design use though …” still does not address the *fact* that when searching for carbon fiber backgrounds, this site is in the search. Maybe you should post images that resemble carbon fiber for “design use” though.

  2. I disagree with you ^ This looks to be zoomed in. I have carbon fiber on my motorcycle and looks very close if you use the right color (dark black). I’m just saying that you need to use this the right way to get the effect.

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