Shaky Hands

I was out taking some night pictures and had my camera on the wrong settings for a shot.  I kind of got irritated and was like..  ok shutter stay open I’m just going to shake the camera around. I laughed at myself when I saw these. I thought they kind of looked cool!




4 Replies to “Shaky Hands”

  1. Those are actually pretty neat. Now, you can do it with some diliberate light setup and see what turns up.

  2. I like the Fireworks images — really cool with the delicate squiggly lines of fire revealed by your slow shutter. We watched the fireworks from downtown Portland and I experimented with using the fireworks setting on my Panasonic DMC-FZ5PP – they turned out decent. It’s a good all around camera, and I’ve been pleased with it. It was so loud from all the explosions I couldn’t hear my camera working, which made it hard to understand what my shutter was doing in relation to my pressing and releasing the trigger. Next time I will definitely use a tripod to reduce my shaky hand effects and maybe I’ll get crisper lines of fire.

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